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Website Upgrades

Your Nyx website has been built from the ground up to be completely modular in design so that it can grow as your website requirements change.

The modules below are a small example of what can be added to your website as an upgrade.

Contact us for more details and pricing.


The poll plugin allows your visitors to share their thoughts with you. You can create however many polls you need and you have full control over all the poll questions.


Online forums are a standard feature in community based websites. The forums allow users to join as website members and to post their comments. Forum administrators can moderate forums posts as required.

Online Shopping

The Nyx CMS can be upgraded to include full online shopping which integrates into a number of payment solution providers such as Paypal, DPS, Bank Transfers and Paymate. We can also add more payment providers as required.


Send out electronic newsletters to your subscribers with the eLetter manager. This plugin gives you full control over your eLettter content. The eLetter is also compatible with the recent Anti Spam act and employs full auditing and double opt ins to ensure the subscribers are happy to receive your emails.

Article managers

The article manager can be used to easily manage a large number of articles or news items. Using the administration interface the admin has complete control over article publishing without the need to manually create pages and enter content.


The Calendar plugin will display either a list of events or display the required month in standard calendar format. Events can be set to occur once or added to recur as required. Email reminder notifications can also be set to send an email reminder from one week to 14 minutes before the even is due to start.


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