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Your websites theme controls all aspects of how your website is presented including colours, styles and layouts. If you received a professional design with your website then the completed design will be set as your default theme.

Changing themes can give a fresh look to a website and lets you choose a theme which best reflects your sites requirements.


If your website was specifically designed a certain way then you may only have your designed theme to choose from. Changing from a specifically designed theme to a generic theme could potentially cause issues with more advanced website.

Getting new Themes

We will be adding new themes for you to try on a regular basis so be sure to check this area often. Any newly released themes will be added to your list of available themes free of charge.

If you would like a new theme specifically designed for you, or you would like a modification to an existing theme, please drop us an email at info@nyx.co.nz


Where to find themes


Select a new theme

\ Home \ Help \ Themes

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