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Create an eLetter

Navigate to the main e-Letter administration page on your website via the Admin menu at the top of the page. You must be logged in as an administrator for the Admin menu to be visisble.

Click on the [ Create e-Letter ] to begin the e-Letter creation wizard.

The first step of the e-Letter creation wizard requires that you enter an name for your new e-Letter. The name of the e-Letter will be used as the 'Subject' for the e-Letter email when it is delivered so ensure that it acurrately describes the contents of your e-Letter.

Try to avoid words such as 'sign up' or 'free' as the e-Letter may be marked as spam when it is delivered.

The next step is to select a template to base your e-Letter on. e-Letter template function in the same way as page templates, they allow you to choose different layout types for your new e-Letter.

The third step to creating an e-Letter is to assign it to a e-Letter list. You can assign each e-Letter to multiple lists however a recipient will only receive one copy of the email if they are a member of multiple lists which are assigned to the e-Letter.

Click on the [ Finish ] button to complete the e-Letter creation wizard.

Your new e-Letter will now be displayed in the list of available e-Letters. You can start editing your new e-Letter by clicking on it in the list.
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