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Sending an eLetter

Once you have completed the editing of your email you are ready to start sending a test.

Sending a test email will send a copy of your completed email to everyone that is subscribed to the 'Test' list. The test list functions in the same way as any other list in that you can be invited, subscribed to and unsubscribe from it.

Click on the [ send test ] button to send a test copy of the e-Letter.

Once you have sent a few test emails and are confident everything looks ok you can click on the [ send e-Letter ] button to start the send wizard. You will first be shown a list of recipients which will be potentially receiving the e-Letter. Review the list to ensure that the list contains the intended recipients. If not, then click cancel. Click [ next ] to view the are-you-sure screen. If you're happy to start queueing the e-Letter for sending, click on the [ send ] button - otherwise click cancel, or back to return to the previous screen.

Once you have clicked on the [ send ] button the full list of recipients assigned to this e-Letter will be added to the email queue. The email queue runs periodically sending emails so it can take some time to send a large number of emails.

You can view the current number of emails which have been send from the main e-Letter page.


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