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Change a pages layout

Page types generally give the page one or more functions. For example most basic websites would use a default page type for it's standard pages and 'Contact us' page type for the Contact page. There are many page types possible which can add extra functionality like Forums, Blogs, Polls, Calendars, Galleries, Login pages, Search, and even shopping baskets to allow for full e-commerce sites.

One standard page type which is worthy of discussion is the Summary page type. The Summary page is used to display a list of the content which is contained in its child (or sub) pages.

A simple example of using the Summary page type is on a News page. Create a new page called News and set it to be a Summary page. Now add some standard content pages(with content) under the News page, you can now see that the News page is displaying an automatic, up-to-date listing of the latest news pages which have been added under news. You can also use a Summary page to display summaries of item items such as products or even links to other websites.

Tip: Some page types can only be used once, for example search, shopping basket or product checkout. If a page type can only be used once and is already in use, it will not be selectable from the page type list.

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