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Editing content

The Nyx CMS editor is the most common tool used to update basic text and images on your website. The editor is purposfully built to look similar to many rich text editors such as Microsoft Word to ensure a reasonably familiar interface.

Managing pages

If you have the appropriate permissions you can add, modify, move or remove pages from your website. All of these functions are performed via the Page Manager which can be activated by click on the [ Page Manager ] item in the Admin menu. Once the Page Manager has loaded you will be show a tree-style view of your websites pages similar to how files are displayed in Wind

Article Manager

Adding an Article Click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions of the screenshots.    

Managing users

The user management administration can be accessed by clicking on the "User Management" under the "Admin". Using the User Management you can add new users, maintain existing users and change the groups which are assigned to a user.

Website audit report

The audit report is a continuous log of all actions which take place in relation to your website. From the moment the site is first installed you can view actions like when a user is logged in, when content is updated, when a new page is added, when a new user joins etc. Some of the information displayed in the audit report can only be used by developers however it will give a strong in
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